CARE DAY | Ecology of Care

Care Day is a continuation of an intimate practice-based research started as a part of Culture for Solidarity in June 2020 by Ecology of Care (Sofia Cartuccia, Djuro Grdinic, Lina Issa and myself). Back then, we built a collective methodology that now serves as a ground for further exploration on current social urgencies such as solidarity, ecology and sustainability, labor and exhaustion, and over-digitalisation. At the heart of Ecology of Care lies a solidarity practice and experimentation through the articulation of a common space; finding alternative gatherings to imagine a more sustainable future.

Now, Care Day serves as the second stage of this initiative, which is set to be developed between December 2020 and June 2021. During this period, every Friday, we will undergo a small-scale experiment in the form of a ‘slowing-down’ practice by spending as much time of the day as possible engaging in active inactivity; an open-ended framework that allows a closer encounter with natural environments, extended free time for self-introspection and various creative processes. The main goal of the project is thus shedding some light on the potential of this kind of practice to change or challenge work patterns and leisure time, while contributing toward an eco-social transformation.

Podcast series
Made for slow-audiophiles, Care Day is an unedited raw podcast about a series of small experiments in the form of a ‘slowing-down’ practice. Every Friday, from December 2020 till July 2021, Sofia Cartuccia, Rodrigo Ghattas and Duro Grdinic  from Ecology of Care, share their experiences on how ‘active inactivity’, offline resistance, and radical self-care may look and feel like.

Care Day #1
Care Day #2
Care Day #3
Care Day #4
Care Day #5
Care Day #6
Care Day #7
Care Day #8
Care Day #9
Care Day #10 + bonus track

*some views and opinions expressed by others during Care Day #2 episode do not necessarily represent those of mine

NB! Thanks to Care Day I will no longer be online nor engaging in work activities or remunerated labor on Fridays starting from December 4th, 2020 until July 2nd, 2021.

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